Essentials Plus Website Package

Our Essentials Plus website package will get your online presence started in the quickest and most affordable way.  You can always add on to it later but it will get you started with:

  • Domain registration – 2 years (A $28 value)
  • SSD Hosting – 2 years (A $430 Value!)
  • SSL Certificate (Let’s Encrypt)- 2 years
  • 2 Years of core updates (Over $100 Value)
  • WordPress Content Management System
  • Domain based email – 2 normal email addresses or a catch-all you can use for anything
  • GeneratePress Premium WordPress theme – Lifetime License!
  • GeneratePress Plugin Package – Lifetime License!
  • GeneratePress Theme Designs – Choose from tons of amazing designs!
  • Mobile-friendly and compatible across most devices.
  • Security Plugin – Installed & setup
  • SEO Plugin – Installed & setup
  • 7 Pages with Contact page & form setup – Add as many pages as you want later!
  • Final file package with all needed files
  • Full backup you can install on any WordPress compatible server.
  • Full transfer of any related accounts.
  • One on One dedicated customer support.  All design and development is completed by the owner, Tabitha Bingham, who is based in Youngstown, Ohio in the United States of America.  No offshoring ever.

(Please see Description below for more information.)

Original price was: $1,700.00.Current price is: $975.00.

Essentials Plus Website Package

At a Glance:  Rock solid foundation, Added security, Portable Site, Full Backup and Install files, All needed files, One year of updates, Premium theme designs, Essentials Plus Plugin Package, Lifetime theme license, Infinitely upgradable¹,  No monthly site subscriptions², You own all files and related accounts.

Our “Essentials Plus” website package will get your online presence started on solid footing.  It’s a simple yet powerful, rock solid base for your website with some amazing essentials added on.  You can always add on to it later but it will get you started with a domain name, THREE years of advanced hosting, SSL Certificate, WordPress (the leading content management system), 2 domain-based emails, the Generatepress Premium WordPress theme and plugin package, your choice of several Premium GeneratePress theme designs, custom plugin package of essential functions, 7 pages (including Contact Us page with a basic form) and a final file package which includes all your files as well as a backup file of your entire website which you can install onto any WordPress compatible server (it’s totally portable).  It’s also mobile-friendly and compatible across all devices.

We utilize the latest software and test for plugin cross-compatibility to ensure your site will function for as long as possible.  All sites are guaranteed to work with any included plugins and WordPress core updates for at least two years (and if something breaks due to an update, we’ll fix it for free³).

Included in price:

  • Development consultation.  For our Essentials Plus Website package, this mainly consists of things like color preferences, theme design preferences, domain and email preferences and discussing the content for your pages.
  • Premium GeneratePress Theme with Lifetime License and Updates
  • Your choice of several amazing Premium GeneratePress theme designs.  Installed and setup.
  • GeneratePress Premium – The entire collection of GeneratePress premium modules – Lifetime license and updates.
  • Mobile friendly, responsive design.
  • Up to seven pages of content, which includes a Contact Us page with a custom contact form and Captcha.  With our Essentials Plus website package, you’ll need to provide the text for the pages which we will edit as needed.  Content writing can be provided at an additional cost, billed hourly.
  • Up to 10 stock photos (public domain) acquired and edited if needed.  If you have your own photos to use, we will include and edit up to 15 (instead of the stock photos) if needed.  Additional photos and editing and can be added for an additional cost, billed hourly.
  • Included Plugins:
    • Security Plugin – Secure your website from attacks and script injections
    • Custom Administration login URL, for security purposes as well as custom login page styling.
    • Forminator Form Plugin – Includes creation of contact form with Captcha.  Mild customizations included.  Powerful form plugin allows you to also build advanced forms with conditional logic and calculations.  Additional charges, billed hourly, for complex form creation.
    • Image Optimization Plugin – Make sure your images are properly compressed and optimized.  Site will also be customized to allow WebP uploads in order make further optimization easier.
    • Website Speed Optimization plugin with base settings enacted.
    • Analytics Plugin – Server based or Google Analytics based (if you have or acquire a free Google Analytics account)
    • SEO Plugin – Optimize your site for search engines. Base setup included.
    • Newsletter Plugin – Basic template and setup. Includes Subscription Sign up widget on website.  Further integrations possible but additional development time will be billed hourly.
    • Email marketing, lead generation and Pop-up plugin.  Works with Newsletter plugin.
    • SMTP Plugin & Setup – Improve your email deliverability
    • Google Schema Data – Help Google find and understand your business
    • Contact widget – Email, Text, Call, Messenger, Social links, etc.
    • Extra Gutenberg Blocks Plugin – To help create a more dynamic website
    • Masonry Gallery Plugin – Applies a Masonry effect to any galleries.  Can be turned off if preferred.
    • Avatar uploads – Allows users to upload their own avatars on their account page.  Great for blog sites that allow comments.
    • Email log – Keep track of all emails sent from your website
    • Activity log – Track all logged in user activity
  • TWO years of domain & web hosting is included at no additional cost, along with any needed software updates in that time (Over a $500 value on it’s own!).  This will be an account setup for you, under your name, with a leading registrar and hosting provider.  This account will be handed over to you as soon as the website and any payments are complete.  This package covers the first two years of domain and web hosting.  Costs and management of domain and hosting account will be your responsibility after 2 years.
  • 2 domain based email accounts. Instructions for setup with email programs/providers will be given.
  • Installable backup of entire website as well as final file package with any related files used in project. Delivered via zip file but can be shipped in media of your choice for an additional fee.
  • One year of monthly automated backup service.  We’ll backup your site every month and can provide you with any of the copies you like.
  • We will take care of core updates and security fixes as they arise.  At the end of the year, we can provide one last, final round of updates to ensure your website is completely up to date.
  • One on One dedicated customer support.  All design and development is completed by the owner, Tabitha Bingham, and is based in Youngstown, Ohio in the United States of America.  No offshoring ever.
  • Complete handover of all files and hosting accounts at the end of the year.  Everything belongs to you, forever.

Later upgrades & customizations possible:

You can always add countless functions, e-commerce, custom theme design, email addresses, and so much more later on if you wish.  This basic website package is built on a rock solid yet flexible base of WordPress and GeneratePress Premium.

¹Obvious hyperbole, but seriously, you can customize your website to almost any form or function you like while building on the solid base we create for you. ²You won’t need to pay monthly subscriptions that companies like Wix and Weebly might charge.  You will still need to pay for domain name and hosting services though, but these are much lower overall costs in most cases.   Also, any web host or domain name registrar can be used, as long as the hosting is compatible with WordPress (and most hosting is).  ³We’re happy to fix any issues that might arise from core updates to WordPress or the plugins that we install.  Plugins you may have installed yourself will not be covered nor will any conflicts that arise from their use.  Any changes you make to how your plugins are setup or configured may also not be covered.  –  Rest assured though….  If you accidentally break your site by installing plugins or modifications, we can help you fix it.  Ongoing support and technical assistance is billed at an hourly rate.  Discounts on hourly rate for long term clients.  
Essentials Plus Website Package - With GeneratePress Premium
Essentials Plus Website Package
Original price was: $1,700.00.Current price is: $975.00.