Vortex Design is committed to working on a local & national level. Not only do we do our best to ensure a reasonable portion of our labor and services are local but we also guarantee to be Made in the USA.  This means that whenever possible (and in 95% of instances it is possible) all products, services or work will be made, sourced, created or serviced within the USA.

We also never pay less than $15 per hour to any subcontractors or assistants.

We have an Off-shore Free guarantee!

We guarantee that we will never, ever, knowingly use or pay for services or products that originate outside of the United States or it’s territories. Any design work, web development or anything else for that matter, will be done in America.

On top of all that, I also guarantee to hire sub contractors locally, when possible. I will always advertise for help locally and consider local candidates first.  I believe deeply in the saying “Think globally, Act locally”.

While we’re at it….

  1. We also guarantee to never crowd source sub-contractors or projects.
  2. We will never pay anyone below minimum wage, ever.
    1. You may ask, “Why is that an issue?”  Well, many don’t know this but contract labor is not subject to minimum wage laws.  Legally, a contract laborer can be paid pennies an hour.  This is especially a problem with crowd-sourced labor and the sites that promote it.  For the most part, these sites exploit designers in disadvantaged countries but workers in the USA have been affected too.  We believe this is highly unethical and pledge never to contribute to this business model.


Notice – I had to outsource a coding project to Poland.  I needed a customization to a plugin, so I contacted the original developer, who happened to be based in Poland.  They were lovely to work with and it was absolutely unavoidable.  Just wanted to disclose that 🙂        4/2/2014