Secure E-Commerce Website Package


Are you looking to get started in E-commerce?  Are you on a budget but still want value for your money? Then our Secure E-Commerce Web Design Package may be perfect for you!

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Getting started in E-Commerce can be confusing with so many options available out there.  We’ve designed this e-commerce website package to help you avoid some of the more common pitfalls of starting your own e-commerce site while providing a stable, easy to use, easy to move, easy to upgrade website that will last you for years to come.

Common Pitfalls of E-Commerce:

Don’t get stuck with a company that won’t let you move your site or files. Don’t get stuck paying some company a ridiculous amount of money each month, forever, just to use your site. Don’t get stuck with an ancient system with no flexibility or ability to repair.  Don’t get stuck in some contract you can’t get out of without losing everything.   So many traps and pitfalls await in this field and we want to help you avoid them.

Our E-Commerce Package Features:

Our secure e-commerce system gets you started with the following:

* All features ending with ancan be customized, modified and upgraded.

  • Premium SSD super fast hosting with SSL certificate for one year. This hosting will be fully managed by us for the initial year but can be turned over to your control at any point beyond the first year.  After the first year, your hosting will be billed at $15 per month¹. ⊛
  • Customized WooCommerce theme. ⊛
  • Daily site backups and restore points that are archived for 3 months.
  • Premium domain name for one year.
  • 2 email addresses or forwarding email addresses ⊛
  • Credit card processing (through PayPal or Stripe²)
  • Email order notifications for both you and the customer. ⊛
  • Training on how to use your site.
  • Basic shipping and tax options ⊛
  • Coupons ⊛
  • Customer account pages ⊛
  • Basic SEO. ⊛
  • Advanced security system utilizing multiple security plugins, server level security measures, geographical IP bans, SPAM prevention, Google Captcha and more.
  • Product setup** and/or training on how to setup products yourself.
  • Testing of all site and e-commerce pages and functions upon project completion.
  • 5 non e-commerce site pages (including a Contact page with a form) ⊛
  • Visitor statistics ⊛
  • Zipped copy of completed website as well as any relevant files will be provided upon project completion.

In the end, we will turn over a fully functioning, ready to go e-commerce site just itching to make you money!

⊛Upgrade & Customize almost everything!

Best of all, everything can be upgraded or customized later to evolve along with your growing company or product line³.

  • Need advanced or complex e-commerce functions? We can put together a system that works!
  • Want to change the whole look & feel? Just get a new theme!
  • Want extra functions? Get an add-on!
  • Want to move to a new host/server? Our backups and clones can help you out!

Just think of our secure e-commerce web design package as the solid foundation you need to build whatever you might like.

You own everything!

You will own your domain name, your hosting account, your files… EVERYTHING.  No contracts, no tricks, no missing functions.  We will merely manage your domain and hosting account for you for the first year but will happily turn over full control at any point afterward that you like.


** Each product variation counts as it’s own product due to setup time. For example; If you have a shirt with three sizes and two colors, you have six variations.

*** After the first year, your only site related costs will be domain name registration and hosting fees, which are not in our control.  The package we will start you out on will only cost around $188 per year.  You will be free to move your site and domain name to any host/registrar of your choice.

¹ Hosting fees are subject to the chosen provider choosing to change their rates in the future.  We have no control over price changes.

² You will need to have or setup a PayPal or Stripe account.  Stripe is the preferred payment method since all transactions are processed on your website and the customer isn’t taken offsite as they are with PayPal payments.  With Stripe, your site will not store any credit card information, merely process the payment.  We are happy to work with PayPal of course, if preferred, and can also recommend other secure payment processors.  We can assist with setting up your payment processor account if needed.

³ Customization and upgrades may be subject to additional fees, purchase prices or billed setup time and are not included in this package. 


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