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Does your website need better WordPress security?  Are you getting weird visitors, SPAM comments or unauthorized login attempts?  Our WordPress Security service is aimed at locking down your site’s security to make it  much harder to hack or SPAM.

Please see the description below for complete details.


Does your WordPress site need better security?  Are you getting weird visitors, SPAM comments or unauthorized login attempts?  Our WordPress Security tune-up service is aimed at locking down your site’s security to make it  much harder to hack or SPAM.

Our WordPress Security Tune-up Includes:

  • Installation and setup of automatic backup software / plugin. This is the first AND last step.  This way, you’ll have a backup before any work is completed, and a backup with the completed security setup.
  • Initial scan to check for evidence of previous hacks, malware and more.  If an issue is found, a report will be issued before further work is done.  Attempted mitigation of a preexisting hack is not covered by this service product and would be an additional fee*.
  • Update of all critical themes and plugins (please advise if your sites themes and plugins haven’t been fully updated within the past two years as doing this on out of date installations can cause conflicts and may need to be discussed).
  • A more secure login page
  • Login monitoring
  • Brute force login protection
  • Replacement of all crucial passwords with more secure passwords.
  • Country/Regional Bans
  • Removal of front end login forms (not applicable for some membership reliant sites)
  • Installation of server level security measures.
  • Installation and setup of Security software / plugins.
  • Server level blocking of many types of proxies.
  • Installation and setup of SPAM prevention software / plugins.  These plugins will address comment SPAM, SPAM user registrations and form submission by BOTS.
  • *** If you are using managed WordPress hosting, server level security measures may not be possible but all other measures can be utilized.
  • 30 days of tech support.

Before purchasing this service, please ensure that you have all of the following available:

  • WordPress Administrator login credentials.
  • Hosting or cPanel login credentials.
  • FTP login credentials.

One last thing:

This service represents up to 50 hours of work.


Please keep in mind that these security measures are not ironclad.  No security measure is.  Think of it like getting a really good security system for your home.  Our service should keep the vast majority of problems at bay, but if someone is truly determined, there is always a way in.

* Please Note: Our WordPress Security service is ideal for new installations of WordPress or those that have not been breached or hacked yet.   If your site or server has been hacked, then this service will not fix the issue, merely repel new people attempting to gain access. If your site has been hacked already, please contact us for a consultation.

Due to the ever changing nature of servers, PHP requirements, WordPress, WordPress themes and WordPress plugins, this service is guaranteed to work for the first 30 days, which is covered by tech support.  We cannot extend this tech support period further due to the rapidly fluctuating security environment on the internet but we will guarantee against new hacks during this time-frame and will mitigate any that might occur for no additional charge. Vortex Design does not write nor update any of the code involved in this system and is therefore not responsible for conflicts arising out of future updates.


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