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The Pros and Cons of Premium WordPress Themes

Back in the old days of web design, templates, or pre-made websites were generally scorned.  Custom solutions were always best and usually pretty easy to make.  I can’t even tell you how many of the pre-made templates I used to make fun of for numerous reasons.

Something happened a few years back though.  The themes you could find for WordPress stopped just being pretty and started incorporating some pretty slick functions.  I’m not talking about bundled plugins (which are a pet peeve of mine) but about integrated systems capable of course creation, member management, directories and so much more.  It was about this time that I started recommending some pre-made themes to my clients.  It just made economic sense.  How could I justify creating such systems from scratch, and billing for all those hours, when a pre-made solution was ready to customize to their needs?  I couldn’t. Continue reading The Pros and Cons of Premium WordPress Themes

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The WordPress Tree: An Analogy

Recently, I consulted with a PHP developer on a code fix.   Unfortunately, he wasn’t familiar with WordPress and couldn’t help much.  I later heard that he thought the site I was working on (still in BETA phase, I might add) was a horrid mish mash of code snippets.

I was a bit upset to hear how he felt.  In a way, he was right though.  I came to WordPress development after many years in traditional web development.  Sites were simpler then.  Code was more efficient as there were far fewer resources to keep track of and whatever was there, you put there by hand. Continue reading The WordPress Tree: An Analogy