Virtual Assistant Services

There’s never enough time in the day, is there? If you’re running a small business, there’s never enough help either. Hiring a dedicated assistant may be out of your budget, or maybe you only need help with one annoying project. Well, that’s where we come in. Why go through the trouble of hiring someone on even a temporary basis when we can most likely help you out? You won’t even need to clear off a desk for us. Check out the list below for some of the things we can help you with. Remember, this list doesn’t cover everything, so contact us if you don’t see what you need.

  • Copy writing and editing – The ability to write clearly and concisely does not always come naturally. Many professionals, while excelling in their field, struggle with the art of composition. Some of the most brilliant people I’ve known were horrible with spelling and grammar. We at Vortex Design take pride in our obsession with the written word. Be it creating sales text from scratch, writing industry related articles, editing existing text or editing technical documents to be more consumer friendly, we have you covered
  • Proofreading – If you already have your text together but are unsure about whether it has any spelling or grammatical errors, let us take a look at it. We can go over your text with a fine tooth comb, looking for any and all problems it may have. In the end though, the final product is your responsibility as we may not be able to confirm or deny the accuracy of name spellings, slang, colloquialisms, technical names, or industry related invented terms.
  • File Organization & Optimization Services – Are your files a mess? Do you need to organize, yet you know it’s a disaster? I can develop a plan, after file review and consultation, to re-organize and optimize your filing system.
  • PowerPoint presentation development – We can create custom PowerPoint presentations utilizing original pictures or stock images. Simply supply us with the basic information you need to use and we will create a professional presentation that is sure to Wow.
  • Microsoft Publisher document editing and customization – Microsoft Publisher is a wonderful resource for offices looking for desktop publishing of all kinds. Publisher is capable of creating a plethora of different documents to serve your needs, from business cards, greeting cards, flyers, calendars and labels to banners and newsletters. Allow Vortex Design to create a quality, customized document in order to better represent your business.
  • Microsoft Word document editing and customization. – Need a document to impress your boss or customers? Send your text to us and we will completely re-format it as well dress up the document to suit your tastes.
  • Adobe PDF creation – Need your data in a PDF? Not only can we convert your current text and graphics into high quality PDF’s but we are also capable of creating PDF’s with interactive features (voice, animations, hyperlinks), password protections, bookmarks, comments, forms and more. Present your information in the best light with web accessible and printer friendly PDF’s.
  • Flowcharts – Custom designed flowcharts created in Visio or in PowerPoint. Send us the information that you need presented and we will convert it into an easy to understand flowchart. With PowerPoint flowcharts we can also style the information and make it interactive which is perfect for important presentations.
  • Form Creation – We can create forms in the following formats: PDF (from print only to interactive/complex/secure), Google Forms and WordPress forms. Please let us know if you need forms in a different format as we most likely can assist you.
  • Social Media – Let us help you manage your social media presence. We can handle everything from account creation, to scheduled posting with original graphics and content, to customer interactions and reputation management.
  • Google Business Listings, Analytics & Search Console Accounts – I can help setup, optimize and manage your Google Business, Google Search Console, Google Analytics accounts or almost any other Google service needed.