Web Design

Vortex Design has been building eye-catching and effective websites for over nine years. In the years that we have been doing what we love, we have been privileged to work with a wide range of clients. Through direct sales or freelance work, we have worked with multinational conglomerates, luxury auto parts dealers, custom home builders, and many more.

Our web design services will help your website stand out in a stylish way as well as exceed your expectations for an attractive and intuitive web presence. We strive to understand what you, our esteemed clients, truly need in order to provide you with a “best fit” web design solution. Designing a web site to truly suit the clients’ needs is the best method we know of to ensure satisfied life-long customers.

Every web site is designed from scratch with style, ease of use, search engine compatibility, reliability and lifetime usage of the site kept in mind. We would never use ready made templates (unless you specifically request them) as your business deserves a unique web site with custom graphics, custom coding and custom solutions. Our web design services work hand in hand with our other development and design services to provide your business with a cohesive marketing presence both online and in the real world.


Traditional Web Design



[dropshadowbox align=”center” effect=”lifted-both”¬†background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” inside_shadow=”false” outside_shadow=”false” ]Our Web Design Services[/dropshadowbox]

  • Web site creation and management.
  • Graphical interface design.
  • Graphic design specifically optimized for the web.
  • Digital illustration – We can provide you with creative professional digital illustration in a number of different forms and styles. We are adept at both vector based and raster based illustration. Our talents can create entirely new works of digital art or re-create or enhance current artwork.
  • Banner Ad design – Static or animated banner ads created to your specifications.
  • Site makeovers – We can update and tweak your existing site to better reflect your current business model. We can update your graphics, enhance your information flow, edit your copy and in general, improve your current site. Most times, this can be done at a deep discount over having us redesign your site for you though there are some exceptions. Basically, if your existing site has been fairly well scripted and your current customers are comfortable with it’s look and feel, this option may be for you. For this option, you will have to give us the entire site on CD or give us full access to your server so we can evaluate your site properly before starting work.
  • Affordable E-commerce for small businesses – We create your cart account for you using the best free cart software available, tutor you in it’s use and management if desired and then help you set up payment acceptance through PayPal. Once these simple and cost effective steps are taken, we then create shopping pages which either you or we can update. There are no subscription fees. Your inventory does not have to be hosted on a third party site and best of all, you don’t have to pay three arms and a leg for complicated custom software that takes a dedicated IT person to learn and operate.
  • Site maintenance training – Would you prefer to have your assistant maintain the site, but they haven’t a clue how to start? We would be happy to provide training to your designated “web person” as well as provide customer support and supplementary services.
  • Flash animation – Would you like a snazzy Flash component to spice up your site? We can create a number of effective Flash widgets to suit your needs. For in-depth Flash projects and full Flash sites we can also refer you to a number of fantastic designers.
  • Copy writing and editing – Appropriate, well written content is undoubtedly one of the most crucial aspects in web design. So many designers can create the look and feel of the site, but not too many can actually write as well :). We take pride in our obsession with the written word. Be it creating sales text from scratch, writing keyword related articles, editing existing text or editing technical documents to be more consumer friendly, we have you covered.
  • Digital photography – We can take high quality digital photographs of your products, your staff, your company or anything else you might like. We are happy to travel within a 45 mile radius of our location (Youngstown, OH). There is a $35.00 charge in addition to time spent at location in order to cover travel expenses and time.
  • SEO / Search Engine Optimization – Please click here for an in depth explanation of our comprehensive search engine optimization services.