Want to edit your own site content?

Want your site to be built with self-updating technology?

Want your site to be expandable and powerful?

Then a WordPress CMS website is for you.

Some of the cool things about a WordPress site:

Easy To Use

Page Editing Screen in WordPress
The page editing function in WordPress is super easy to use.

WordPress sites are fairly simple to edit, update and add to.  If you are familiar with Microsoft Word then you should find the WordPress editor easy to learn.  You can create as many pages as you like and you’ll never have to touch a line of code.

For instance:  If you want to edit a paragraph on a page you would just click Pages, click the page you want, edit the text and click Update.

In addition, we can provide you with a number of tutorials to help you out.  We can even put together easy to follow video tutorials filmed on your website.

Easy Media Management

Adding images, videos or files of many kinds is an easy to understand process.
Adding images, videos or files of many kinds is an easy to understand process.

Adding pictures and video is so much easier than it used to be.  Now, you can create galleries, slideshows, embed videos and other media pretty simply.  In addition, we can create custom styles that will apply to all of your images or videos or galleries so you don’t have to worry about image editing if you don’t want to.  You can present your media  however you like.  Just let us know what you want and we’ll make it happen!

Tons Of Functions

WordPress Plugin RepositoryThere are literally thousands of plugins and functions that can be added on to a WordPress site.  In fact, as of this writing, there are currently 45,704 active plugins in the WordPress repository.   There are thousands more in the premium market as well.  Almost anything that you might need a website to do, can be accomplished with WordPress plugins or custom scripting.  Some of the many options available to you are:

  1. E-commerce: Comprehensive shopping cart systems that are stocked, linked to a payment processor and setup for you.
  2. Visitor trackers and statistic gathering via many different solutions.
  3. Members only websites.  We can setup all or part of your site to be accessible to only the people you want to let in.  Need a paywall?  No problem!
  4. Sitemaps that automatically update themselves!  We have scripts for both page sitemaps and XML sitemaps that automatically update and adjust themselves to your site content.  Never worry again if you have updated these pesky features when you add or delete pages and content.
  5. Embed documents from Google Drive on any page.
  6. Add the function to convert any page to a PDF.
  7. Protect your content with a “No Right Click” script.
  8. Embed videos with ease.
  9. Review or Testimonials pages or widgets.
  10. Integrated Newsletters.  We can setup custom newsletters that are tied into your site.  Now, your visitors can sign up on your site, you can create the newsletters on your site and you’ll never have to pay for a newsletter service again.
  11. And so much more!

Please remember that we can customize many, many plugins to give you custom styling,  added functionality or script repair.

Powerful Forms

Forms aren’t just for Contact Us pages anymore!

Not only can we create simple forms, with or without security, but now also offer advanced form creation solutions.

Need conditional logic? Easy.

Need calculations?  No sweat!

Need something even more complex?  With powerful form plugins like Formidable Forms, we can create data management solutions you never thought possible.  Autoresponders, post creation, directory listing submissions, user management, access data from other forms within your form, entry lookups, dynamically pull post and user meta into your form and so much more.

Just let us know what you need to accomplish and we will do our best to design a system that works for you!

Both Formidable Forms and Caldera Forms are powerful form plugins.

We currently prefer to work with either Formidable Forms Pro or Caldera Forms (which is free).  The reason for this is they are both powerful form plugins in their own right.  Caldera Forms is the absolute best free plugin for forms that I’ve found as it is capable of conditional logic and calculations and doesn’t require a premium upgrade to do them.  Formidable Forms Pro though, is worth every penny they charge.  Formidable Forms is capable of complex data processing, data queries, interconnected data and so much more (including, of course, standard form functions).  You could literally build your own custom software application with the Formidable Forms Pro plugin.

Responsive Design - Look good on anything!

Responsive web design for mobile and tablets.  Ensure that your website can be viewed and used across multiple platforms.



SEO plugins to make optimizing your site for search engines as easy as it can be.


We have many different options to secure your site from hackers and spammers.  From a simple CAPTCHA to a full fledged, multi-layered security solution, we have you covered.  Just tell us what you need and we will do our best to protect you and your site from the darker side of the internet.

Related Services

Aside from web design and development itself, we offer a wide range of related services.  Let us help you manage your entire online presence.

  1. Server setup & software installation.
  2. Custom theme design.
  3. Theme customization (if you already have one in mind).
  4. Logo design.
  5. Theme installation & CSS customization.
  6. Social Media account setup and site integration.
  7. Plugin research, implementation and customization.
  8. One on one training with tutorials and personalized video tutorials available.

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